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Our data-driven services

We help every client to make this change, without compromising on the important things in life.

Real-time data, instant energy & financial savings

Second-by-second Data Collections

Innovura provides second-by-second data collections for your whole building portfolio, however large or widespread. All accessible from a cloud software platform.

Cutting edge, safe & easy-to-install hardware

Installed in typically less than 3 hours without disruption to your operation. Perfect safety record. 

Small, compact design with powerful features.

Identify invisible energy waste and manage usage

Use powerful features like automatic alarms and remote control via wireless control modules to impact on-site energy usage remotely.

Meet the Innovura

The cutting-edge device that allows it all to happen, Innovura is a ‘best-in-class’ energy management system. Actually, it’s more than that, it is a gateway to data visibility and a huge step towards building energy optimization.

Big Data drawn

Using Big Data drawn from device and circuit level inputs, existing meters and IoT sensors, Innovura provides a granular breakdown of exactly how, when and where you are using (and wasting) energy.

Your data is always placed in context

That applies to a single building, or a full portfolio; with all that information ported to an intuitive software platform. And with standalone sensors available including temperature, occupancy, gas, water and much more – your data is always placed in context.

Easy and quick

Innovura is easy and quick to install, versatile, pinpoint accurate and – for many FMs and property managers around the world – indispensable.